D&AD Exhibition - London - 3rd June

Little late uploading the photos as I have a lot of work to make up for my money loss in first year (I’m sure you students know how it is). 

However, it was great to see the New Blood Awards and to get some great inspiration for future designs. I have been mostly intrigued with the product design and illustrations of student’s work. The picture below of the Sourz products was one of my favourites as working in a bar I could see the practicality of it, the colours are also very vivid which is a brilliant outcome as Sourz has always been known for it’s colourful bottles. 

The shape of the bottle was a little disappointing, only because I would feel I would struggle holding it in my hand, though it is hard to tell without seeing the product physically. 

There was some fantastic type from several Universities and was rather inspired by some of the business cards I collected as well. As far as the Illustration side of things go I found an amazing illustrator called Ben Pickup, the work was very intricate and imaginative, I was surprised when I found out one of his drawings only took him roughly 10 hours! https://www.behance.net/bpickupillustration 



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Blank canvases were once intimidating for the artist Shantell Martin (@shantell_martin), whose black-and-white work travels across surfaces from crisp white shirts to refrigerator doors. “I used to worry, ‘what if I make a mistake?’” she says. “Then I realized that it’s all a big mistake. You just have to enjoy it.”

Shantell’s advice for artists who are facing the beginning of a project is simple: “Just follow the pen and hope that the pen knows where it’s going.”